Energy Saving

LED developments have moved on a long way from the poor low voltage replacement lamps. At DDD Design we have a wide range of products which we feel are at the forefront of this exciting sector. If you are conscious of reducing your carbon footprint by up-to 80% and do not wish to appear dull, then the benefits are clear to see and the future is looking bright.

Here are some of the advantages of LED Lighting:

  • Superior substitute for existing lighting
  • Easy installation
  • Long life, up to 80,000 hours with no lamps to change
  • Significantly lower energy consumption
  • Less heat
  • No UV or IR radiation
  • No environmentally hazardous substances
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Faster switching
  • Dimming flexibility
  • Save cost and see return of investment

Contact us to find out the true benefits of being green.

DDD Lighting Design Energy Consumption